McColin’s is a traditional brand in the Peruvian market that offers a high quality product, flavor and aroma. In the late 80’s the McColin’s brand was first launched to the market by Condiments Foods S.A. The brand initially had only Selected Pure Tea and then, starting in the 90’s, expands its line by launching Cinnamon Tea Clove. This new product made the brand grow rapidly, making this variety synonymous with tea for the Peruvian consumer. In 1996, Pacocha Industries bought Condiments Foods. Industrias Pacocha decides to launch the well-known infusions: Anise and Manzanilla, along with other infusions such as Hierba Luisa, Mate de Coca, Cat's Claw and Boldo, in addition to a line of infusions to take along with the meals of the day: Good Morning , On Table and Sweet Dreams. Subsequently, flavored tea such as peach tea, orange tea, lemon tea and black label tea are launched. In September 2002, McColin’s changed its image to a more modern and renewed one. McColin’s currently has 4 different varieties: Pure Selected Tea, Cinnamon and Clove Tea, Anise and Manzanilla.