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Farmindustria S.A., was founded on March 1, 1995. It is a company that is specifically dedicated to the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, its own brands and under license, as well as providing maquila services. On the other hand, it is integrated with Pharmalab, who represents the main pharmaceutical group of Peruvian capitals in the country and the second laboratory in the ranking of multinational laboratories. This merger took place on January 1, 2006, absorbing all the operations and assets of Pharmalab, a company that was dedicated to the commercialization of pharmaceutical products of the ethical line, whose manufacture commissioned Farmindustria and that it distributed exclusively through Drokasa. Now, it also maintains technical and commercial cooperation ties with the Recalcine Group of Chile, an alliance that allows it to access an important portfolio of patents and new products. Farmindustria is also dedicated to all kinds of pharmaceutical specialties, chemical, food, botanical, dietary supplements, surgical dressings, cosmetics and perfumery products, as well as spirits and alcoholic beverages.

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Tioctan fuerte,10 unidades

Tioctan Fuerte Gragea - 1 0 UNIDADES
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